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Creative ways for giving gift cards

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Gift cards have become so popular these days.  When receiving a gift card it is just not the same as being able to open a gift, wrapping paper and all.  There are a lot of gift card holders for sale made out of cardboard, paper, a stuffed animal, a stocking, a plastic window sleeve, or even a tin.  Here are some fun and exciting ways to present that gift card to the recipient.

Wrap in multiple boxes

A common way is to wrap a gift card in a box, but why not try several boxes of several different sizes.  Wrap the gift card in a small box, then wrap that box in a larger box, then wrap in another larger box, repeat with as many boxes as you like.  This adds back in the fun of unwrapping a gift and the excitement of wonder.

Attach to a delivery

Plan to meet with the person and have something delivered such as flowers or a pizza.  Go to the delivery location ahead of time and ask them to tape the gift card to the top of the delivery box or attached to the flower arrangement.  Then when the delivery arrives, they will be surprised.

Place inside a photo album

Buy a small photo album and purchase several different gift cards.  Let’s say you are going to spend $100 as a gift.  Instead, buy 10 ten dollar gift cards.  Put each gift card in a different slot in the photo album.  Next to the gift card try to find a coupon for the location.  If it is a department store gift card, look in the newspaper for a coupon worth for example 20% off.  Cut it out and put it next to the gift card in the photo album.  If it is a restaurant coupon, look for buy one get one free or discount coupons in the newspaper or local flyers.  Put that next to the restaurant gift card.  This way they get to use your gift several times throughout the year and get extra savings on top.

Another idea for inside a photo album is to fill the photo album with lovely family photos.  In the last page of the photo album place a gift card which will be a surprise ending. 

Give it in a basket

Purchase a small woven basket and fill it with colorful shredded paper or natural filling.  Place the gift card in the basket along with some small items the recipient may use such as lip balm, a comb, hand lotion, pocket size Kleenex or other handy items you know they will like.  Wrap the entire basket using clear cellophane.  Tie the top with a pretty bow and you are good to go.  They will have a reusable basket, some small goodies and a gift card to buy what they want.

Play hide and seek

Hide the gift card somewhere in the house.  Give the person clues where they have to find one clue and then it gives a clue where the next clue is, repeat as many times as you like until the final clue leads them to the gift card.  This is especially fun for children or even teenagers. 

Place it in a purse or wallet

If you know someone who needs a new purse or wallet, accompany it with a gift card.  Place the gift card inside the wallet or purse, then wrap.  This is also a good idea for giving cash. 

Put it in a mug

If coffee, tea or hot cocoa is a favorite, put some in a mug along with other items such as a chocolate dipped spoon, a cinnamon or peppermint stick, marshmallows, sugar packets, creamer packets, biscotti or cookies.  Don’t forget to place the gift card in there too.  Wrap with cellophane and tie with a bow.

Personalize based on type of gift card

If you are giving a gift card for clothing, wrap it in a sock, hat, gloves or even a shirt pocket.  If you are giving a gift card to a Chinese Restaurant, wrap it in a take-out box.  If you are giving a gift card to a kitchen supply store, wrap it in a dish towel.  A gift card for a hardware store might be wrapped in a toolbox.  A movie theatre gift card might be placed in a box with popcorn and movie type candy.  A book store gift card could be clipped to a book, magazine, or even a calendar.   You get the idea.  Be creative and see what you can come up with.

Gift cards are not always a unique gift choice and it may not seem very personalized, but you can personalize it by using an imaginative wrapping technique.  It makes a nice surprise and shows that you put some effort into it.  Have fun!

Tammy Hayes, Realtor, Green Lion Realty, Port Charlotte, FL




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