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Use of a Humidistat

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Who should have one?  If you own a home in Florida and you are away on vacation or are only here part of the year, you should have a humidistat. 

What is a humidistat?  It is a device used to control your air conditioning system that cycles the unit on and off based on humidity rather than temperature. 

Why use a humidistat?  Your home can develop unwanted moisture or mildew problems because of too much humidity which can be unhealthy to you and destructive to your home. 

What should a humidistat be set for?   If you set your humidistat at 70 percent relative humidity it will cycle the air conditioner even if the thermostat does not call for cooling.  The thermostat comes on based on heat and not humidity.  The thermostat and humidistat usually operate independently of the other’s control setting.  Check with the manufacturer to determine the best control setting during the time of year that you will be gone or check with your local air conditioning company. 

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