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Florida Landlord and Tenant Laws

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Who should be aware of the Florida Landlord and Tenant Laws?

1.  A person looking to purchase a home that already has a tenant in place.

2.  A homeowner that wants to rent a property and therefore becomes a landlord.

3.  A person that wants to rent from a landlord.

4.  A Rental Specialist.

5.  A Real Estate Agent or Realtor dealing with properties for rent or already rented.

This web site from the Florida Division of Consumer Services gives helpful information on Before you Rent, Oral and Written Rental Agreements, Deposit and Rent Requirements, Who is Responsible,  Access to the Premises, Failure to Meet Obligations, When You Decide to Move, Military Service, and Additional Resources.  You can download the brochure or order a free copy.

If you are a do it yourself landlord, here is another web site that will be helpful to you from Florida Landlord.  It covers Rental Statues, Tenant Screening, Rental Agreements, Security Deposits, Rent Collection, Tenant Evictions, Tenant Safety, Record Keeping, Property Maintenance, and Landlord Resources.

If you are looking for the 2010 Florida Statutes you can go to and select Title VI – Civil Practice and Procedure, Chapter 83 – Landlord and Tenant. 

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