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De-clutter your home before selling by having a garage sale

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The best time to get rid of some of that clutter and extra stuff you never use is when you are moving.  It also helps you earn a little extra money and provides less belongings to move.  It might be a good idea to have that sale before you put your house on the market.

Here are some tips for having a successful garage sale.

1.  Prepare – Collect all the items you want to sell and place them in boxes or store them in your garage.  Be sure to do this ahead of time.  Don’t wait until the last minute.

2.  Neighborhood – Check with your neighbors to see if they want to hold a sale at the same time or join in with your sale.  A neighborhood sale will attract more buyers. 

3.  Permit – Check with your local town/city to see if you need a permit or need to register your garage sale. 

4.  Pricing – Make sure that you price all of your items.  This will avoid people asking questions when you might be busy with another customer and it is hard to come up with a price right on the spot.  Use small stickers or masking tape.  People are looking for a bargain, so price your items accordingly.

5.  Advertising – Place an ad in your local newspapers.  Place ads on free Internet sites.  Put up garage sale signs directing traffic to your home.  Use balloons to get their attention.

6.  Displaying your items – Arrange your items on tables and leave room for people to walk around.  Put like items together.  Put large items near the end of the driveway so that people can see them from the road.  Have bags to place items in.

7.  Managing Money – Keep your cash on you at all times.  A fanny pack around the waist is a good idea.  Go to the bank and get change ahead of time such as coins and dollar bills.  Keep a tally of items you sold and for how much money.  Keep a calculator on hand to add a large quantity of items. 

8.  After the Sale – Separate your items by things you really want to keep and those items that you can donate to charity.  If it is something you have had for a long time and never or rarely use, go ahead and donate it or sell it as a resale shop.  Clean up and put everything away. 

Now you can focus on putting your home on the market. 

Tammy Hayes, Realtors, Sandals Realty, Punta Gorda, FL


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I am a residential realtor serving Charlotte and Sarasota Counties in sunny, southwest Florida. Contact me for all of your real estate needs. I am professional, ethical, informational, and understanding. I will be with you to assist you every step of the way. Whether you are buying or selling a home, I can help.

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