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How to create a Florida-friendly landscape

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What does it mean to have a Florida-friendly yard?  Not only does it mean a beautiful landscape, it means that the landscape you choose to put in your yard is an asset to the environment.  It protects the natural resources and preserves Florida’s beauty at the same time. If you maintain your yard properly, you can conserve water and reduce pollution of water resources.  You don’t have to be an expert, just follow the nine principles of Florida-friendly landscaping outlined below. 

What are the principles involved in a Florida-friendly landscape?

  • Right plant, right place – this means the plants will require minimal water, fertilizer and pesticides.
  • Water efficiently – irrigate only when your lawn needs water. 
  • Fertilize appropriately – less is best.
  • Mulch – maintaining a layer of mulch prevents erosion and suppresses weeds.
  • Attract Wildlife – plants that provide food, water and shelter will help conserve wildlife.
  • Manage Yard Pests Responsibly – unwise use of pesticides can harm people, pets, and environment.
  • Recycle – grass clippings and leaves provide nutrients to the soil and reduce waste disposal.
  • Reduce Storm Water Runoff – water running off your landscape can carry pollutants.
  • Protect the Waterfront – protect it to maintain freshwater and marine ecosystems.


For complete information on turning your yard into a Florida-friendly landscape go to  Their motto is The Smart Way to Grow.  This web site contains an interactive tutorial, layout of landscaping, Florida-friendly plants, and a professional’s corner.  Make your yard the envy of the neighborhood and they will want a Florida-friendly landscape as well.  Do your part in helping to save our environment for years to come.


Author: tammyhayes

I am a residential realtor serving Charlotte and Sarasota Counties in sunny, southwest Florida. Contact me for all of your real estate needs. I am professional, ethical, informational, and understanding. I will be with you to assist you every step of the way. Whether you are buying or selling a home, I can help.

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